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Call 17.5. – 26.9.2022

France meets Finland: Joint call for R&D projects in AI and manufacturing industry

An international R&D joint call ”Finland France call for innovative projects” has been opened in the Eureka network.


Tom Warras (Eureka procedure)
+358 50 5577 839
tom.warras (at)


Toni Mattila (Sustainable Manufacturing Finland program)
+358 40 500 9099
toni.mattila (at)


Henriikka Yliheljo (Contact in France)
+33 7 6333 1757
henriikka.yliheljo (at)

Call has ended!

Organizations from Finland can apply for funding to participate in joint projects together with French partners. The consortia shall consist of minimum one enterprise from Finland and one from France.

The call is based on governmental collaborations between France and Finland in applications of artificial intelligence but the call is not limited to the AI sector: joint projects in all domains are eligible to apply.

The call is organised by Business Finland and the French innovation funding organization BPI France. The aim is to support joint product development and research. The projects shall develop innovative products, services and applications.

In the beginning of 2018 president Emmanuel Macron launched an ambitious plan to make France leader in applying artificial intelligence. With a first phase focused on R&D, the French objective is to create French and European champions from the networks of interdisciplinary artificial intelligence institutes (31A), but also from the entrepreunarial ecosystem, which includes more than 500 startups.

R&D grants and loans 

Business Finland and BPI France support innovation and R&D projects between the two countries with R&D grants and loans. The Eureka network gives the framework and encourages to invest in a long-term collaboration in strategy and technical innovations.

The call is two-phased, following the Eureka procedure. It is open to all sectors. A special encouragement is offered to AI in manufacturing industry and partner searches are best conducted in that area.

As a first step, the applicants will form a consortium with minimum one enterprise from both countries. 1+1 is a good size of consortium and mainly SMEs and midcap companies are in focus. In Finland it means a turnover below 300 mio € and in France a size of less than 2000 full-time employees. But bigger enterprises, universities and research organisations can (in Finland) participate with their project shares, which are subject to specific conditions. For the latter it means the so-called Co-Innovation criteria.

The consortium will submit one joint application in Eureka's portal. The deadline is 26 September 2022.

The second phase will follow soon, implying the national applications. These will be submitted to Business Finland and BPI France as requested.

Eureka´s call page
Please read the instructions at "How to apply?" 

Business Finland R&D funding 
The applicants registered in Finland shall contact Business Finland preferably before the call closes.

BPI France´s funding