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webinar 26.5.2021, 9:00-11:00

Pathway to impact in Horizon Europe

Presentations will be in English. Event will be recorded.

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What is impact in Horizon Europe? What has changed since H2020? This webinar provides participants information and practical tips and examples about impact in Horizon Europe proposals. 

What is impact and what does is mean in Horizon Europe context? What should one consider when writing the propsal? Would you like to hear examples and receive tips on how to improve the impact section in your own propsal? How about the dissemination and exploitation? For example these issues will be adrdessed in the training.

Our speakers Krister Talvinen (Laurea University of Applied Sciences), Kirsi Ojutkangas (University of Oulu) and Liisa Ewart (Business Finland) have extensive experience on impact issues on EU proposal context.

Webinar will be held in English and it will be recorded.


EUTI is the national liaison office for EU framework programs and coordinator of the Horizon Europe National Contact Points (NCP) in Finland.

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