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Release 10.12.2023

Tender for the exhibition of the Nordic Pavilion presents opportunities for Finnish companies

Illustration about the exhibition space of the Nordic pavilion. Copyright: AMDLC in collaboration with Rimond

In 2025, Finland will participate in World Expo in Osaka, Japan, with a joint 1,200 square meter wooden pavilion with other Nordic countries. The tender for the pavilion's exhibition and customer experience has been published. As is tradition with World Expos, Osaka Expo 2025 is a place where countries showcase future solutions, and with the new tender, Finnish and Nordic innovations are sought to be included in the world showcase.

Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, and Norway are jointly conducting the tender through Innovation Norway. The tender includes the pavilion content, exhibition, visitor journey, visual identity, audiovisual equipment, lighting, and furniture. In total, there are business opportunities worth €1.4 million.

- For Finnish companies, this is a unique opportunity to be part of a mega event with tens of millions of visitors from 150 countries, where they can showcase their expertise. The exhibition plays a key role in how Finland and the Nordic countries are seen and remembered," said Nita Pilkama, Commissioner General for Finland in the Osaka World Expo.

In addition to the exhibition area, the Nordic pavilion includes a variety of meeting rooms, a restaurant on the rooftop terrace, and a small northern garden. The building is designed for reuse, showcasing the Nordic connection to nature and sustainable development values through aesthetics. The Nordic Pavilion is designed and built by Italian Rimond and its collaborating .

An open tender competition for the Nordic pavilion has been published on the Ted Portal. The tender has been published on the Ted portal as a turn-key rental delivery. It is an open tender with pre-qualification and competitive dialogue. Learn more about the tender competition at Nordic website. 

More information and contact persons for Finland at Business Finland's project website.