Business ecosystems bring joint power for international competition. We provide services for building ecosystems and networking of actors.

Ecosystems benefit businesses of all sizes. Large companies renew themselves and SMEs get joint power and opportunities that they do not get alone. Large companies often play an important role as drivers of the ecosystem.

Business Finland's services for building and developing ecosystems

We provide funding and other services for building and managing business ecosystems and networking among actors. For example:

  • Funding and other services for business ecosystems that aim at new business activities amounting to more than one billion euros, ie Growth Engines
  • Service packages customized for business groups for internationalization and renewal in Business Finland programs
  • Funding for commercialization of research and joint projects between research organizations and companies
  • Networks, sparring, funding, and visibility to Tesbed Finland, an global-level ecosystem

Testbed Finland

Testbed Finland

Testbed Finland

Enhance your testbed to make it internationally competitive.
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