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Develop the competence, products and services of a large company

Business Finland's funding is intended for large companies that seek significant network impact and societal benefits from their projects. Funding enables a company to reform or develop completely new products or services, production methods and business models, or to pilot the functionality of new innovations.

Funding for research, development and piloting

Business Finland helps large companies aiming to expand to new export markets by granting grants or loans. Through funding, large companies are encouraged to cooperate with research institutes and SMEs.

The grant is intended for research work, which creates new knowledge and competence for the company to be used as a basis for product development work. Research projects in large companies receive a grant of 40% of the total project cost. For projects purely industrial research*, funding is a grant of 50 %. A large company should spend at least 40% of total project costs to acquire services from SMEs and/or research organizations.

* See definition on the right side of the page.

The loan is intended for the company's development and piloting projects. The loan can cover at most 50% of the project's total costs. A large company must spend at least 15% of total project costs to acquire services from SMEs or research organizations. The company can receive 30% of the loan funding granted for your project as an advance loan at the beginning of your project, and we will pay the remaining loan amount based on the realized costs. The loan has a low interest rate (1,25% at present), and no collateral is primarily required. As a rule, the loan period is seven or ten years, of which three or five – or more, if necessary – are installment-free. If the project does not achieve the intended results or the results cannot be utilized in the company's business, the loan may be partially converted into a grant for justified reasons.

When a large company participates in a Co-Innovation-project with its own sub-project, the incentive impact of funding on cooperation and networking can also be assessed through the Co-Innovation project's network cooperation.

What is required of your company?
  • Your company is a large company that genuinely strives for significant international growth. An SME has less than 250 employees, maximum net sales of EUR 50 million or a balance sheet total of no more than EUR 43 million. Midcap company has group-level maximum net sales of EUR 300 million. Companies larger than this are considered large companies.
  • Your company is developing new innovative products or services, production methods or business models that gain a competitive edge in international markets.
  • Your company aims to create new competence and networks that give it a competitive edge in international markets.

See instructions for applying for funding

What does industrial research mean?

Planned research or critical investigation aimed at the acquisition of new knowledge and skills for developing new products, processes or services or aimed at bringing about a significant improvement in existing products, processes or services. This applies to any area or technology (including, but not limited to, digital industries and technologies, such as super-computing, quantum technologies, block chain technologies, artificial intelligence, cyber security, big data and cloud technologies).

How does Business Finland funding work?

Before you apply

Plan a project and define its goals. Ensure the sufficiency of self-financing.

Apply for funding

Submit your application through online services. Submit the additional information requested.

Approve the funding decision

Business Finland will assess your application and notify you of its decision. Read the decision and its terms and conditions, and approve the decision in online services.

Use the funding

Arrange project accounting. Notify Business Finland of any changes.

Report your project

Report your project's implementation and costs. Attach the additional information requested with your report.