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Funding for business development in disruptive circumstances

Was your company's funding application approved? This page contains instructions on how to start, monitor and report on your project.

1) Starting the project

Business Finland pays the advance payment

Business Finland will pay an advance payment of 70% when the company has approved the funding decision. An advance payment already paid may be clawed back if the terms and conditions of funding are not followed. By accepting our funding decision in our Online Service, you also agree to our funding terms and conditions.

Arrange accounting properly 

Project costs must be accounted right from the start of the project. You must be able itemize the project costs and prove their connection to accounting.

Only costs that have arisen during the project may be accepted for the project. A project may start earlier than the moment the funding application was sent from the Online Service. Therefore, a fee paid for creating the application is not an acceptable cost for the project.

All costs declared for projects must be paid for by the time they are reported to Business Finland.

Eligible costs for the project 


  • A salary paid for a person is an eligible project cost in the proportion the person has worked in the project.
  • The report must compare the actual work effort to the estimate in the project plan and report any deviations.

Indirect personnel costs

  • The percentage of salaries referred to in the funding decision is an eligible indirect personnel cost.
  • Indirect personnel costs include social security costs as well as other employment costs, such as recruitment costs, personnel training and fringe benefits.
  • The persons must belong to the scope of Finnish social security.

Purchased services

  • Expert services in accordance with the project plan are considered eligible purchased services.
  • Purchased services are approved without VAT.
  • If the value of the procurement is at least EUR 60,000, the beneficiary is subject to the acts on public procurement.
  • The only eligible purchases from an associated company are purchases with a group. For a more detailed definition, see point 7.4 of our funding terms and conditions.

Other costs

  • The percentage of the sum of salaries and purchased services stated in the funding decision is an eligible cost.
  • Other costs are not reported to Business Finland, nor do they need to be included in the beneficiary's project accounting.
  • Other costs include overhead, travel, material and equipment costs, as well as rents and purchase of machinery and equipment, machinery and equipment depreciations and rental costs (incl. cloud services).

Learn more about the terms and conditions of funding 


2) Changes during the project

If you notice during the project that your company cannot execute the project in accordance with the original plan, submit a change application for the project in the Online Service:

  • Change to the project schedule (a change application is not needed if the project is extended by a maximum of 4 months or ends earlier than anticipated).
  • Significant changes to the cost estimate or execution plan (a change application is not needed for a change between cost categories that does not exceed 20% of the cost estimate)
  • Replacement of the accountable project leader
  • Change to the funding plan

Report minor changes to Business Finland's record office:

  • The bank account number changes Send the template signed by an authorized signatory of the organization.
  • The project's contact person or the cost statement contact person changes

Learn more about the terms and conditions of funding 


3) When the project ends 

Complete the report in the Online service 

Complete the final report in Business Finland's Online Service within 4 months from the end of the project period. You can familiarize yourself with the questions that you will need to answer in the report in advance and return to complete the template at a later date. You can complete the report once you finish your project, even if your project period hasn't ended yet. Your project must have finished and all your costs must have been paid before you submit your final report to Business Finland.

The last page of the template before you submit your report will ask for the accountable project leader's confirmation that

  • the funding terms and conditions have been complied with and
  • the funding was used as outlined in the project plan.

The cost statement contact person (a liaison officer from your in-house accounts department or a representative of your accounting firm, if you have outsourced your accounts) will need to provide a separate declaration to confirm that

  • the declared costs have been entered into the company's accounts,
  • no value-added tax has been added to the costs, and
  • the costs have been paid.

The declaration cannot be given by the company's CEO or the accountable project leader. The report can only be submitted by the accountable project leader or an authorized signatory of the organization.

Submit your report through our Online Services

Upper limit for other costs raised to 30 per cent

If you end up spending less on salaries and purchased services than the amount estimated in your funding decision, you can declare up to 30% of your other costs in your final report.

Raising the percentage of other costs cannot raise your total project costs above the total budget approved in your award decision. The amount of assistance cannot exceed your total business development costs.

Funding cannot be paid and advances may need to be recovered if

  • the company has failed to file tax returns
  • the company has outstanding tax debts for which no payment plan has been arranged with the Finnish Tax Administration
  • the company has not been entered into the Finnish Tax Administration's Prepayment Register

Less funding than the amount stated in the funding decision may be paid if

  • the project ends up costing less than estimated
  • the company declares costs that Business Finland cannot cover (e.g. operational costs, investments)
  • the company declares costs that were not incurred during the project
  • the company declares costs for which it has received assistance the terms and conditions of which forbid other simultaneous public funding (e.g. government contribution to wages)
  • the company has failed to put contracts for purchased services valued at more than EUR 60,000 out to tender as required under the Act on Public Contracts
  • the company has purchased services from associated companies that do not belong to the same group of undertakings as the beneficiary (for more information, see point 7.4 of the funding terms and conditions)
  • the company has paid wages inconsistently with the company's normal remuneration policy

Business Finland reserves the right to exchange information concerning beneficiaries with other authorities, such as the Finnish Tax Administration.

Business Finland pays the remaining portion of the funding

The remaining 30% of the funding will be paid after the final report has been approved. Paying the funding is subject to the company completing the final report and that the project has been implemented in accordance with the plan and in compliance with the funding decision and the terms and conditions of funding.

Funding cannot be paid if the company has outstanding tax debt that does not have a tax payment arrangement in place or for which a tax payment arrangement has not been applied for. In addition the company must not have neglected to file any tax returns. Business Finland may exchange information regarding the funding beneficiary with Finnish Tax Administration, for example.

Keep documentation for any follow-up audit

Keep documentation related to the project for 10 years from the last instalment of the funding payment.

Business Finland will carry out more detailed audits on some projects retrospectively. The projects subject to a follow-up audit are selected randomly or based on a risk assessment or suspected misuse. In the event of any non-compliance or misuse of funding, Business Finland has the right to reclaim the funding either partially or in full with interest.

How your project will proceed

1) Starting the project

  • Business Finland pays the advance payment.
  • Arrange accounting in a way that enables the project costs to be itemized.
  • Check from the terms and conditions of funding which costs are eligible for the project.

2) Changes during the project

Notify Business Finland of any changes to the project.

3) When the project ends, fill in the final report

  • Compete the final report in the Online Service within four months from the ends of the project.
  • Business Finland will pay the funding on the basis of the final report.


You can make enquiries regarding your project from your contact person.

You can find the contact details of the contact person for your project in Business Finland's online services. Log in to the online service, select your organization and the project below it. You can find the contact persons for the project in under the project section.

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