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Attachments you may need when reporting

Check the funding terms and conditions applicable to your project, which attachments you need when reporting the progress of the project and the incurred costs. Always use a standard form when one is available, unless you have agreed otherwise with Business Finland. You can find the funding terms and conditions in the online service. Instructions and forms for change situations can be found on the page Changes

Always submit all forms and additional information through the transaction service

The salary breakdown must also be submitted through the service; to ensure the preservation of salary secrecy, the salary breakdown cannot be downloaded to be read in the transaction service.

Production incentiv for AV industry

Energy aid 

Explorer funding: Exhibition Explorer, Group Explorer, Market Explorer, Talent Explorer

Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) on Batteries

Innovation cluster

Public research funding

Funding development activities of public actors

Growth engine, competition

Growth engine, startup aid

Investment aid for circular economy

Innovation aid for shipbuilding

Funding for material audit

Funding for young innovative companies

Tempo funding

Research infrastructure funding

Funding for companies' research and development activities

Annexes to the RRF project reporting

If you have received funding for your project from the RRF program, the forms below may also be needed as an attachment to the report.

If your organization is a procurement entity as referred to in the Procurement Act, report the information of potential contractors and subcontractors using the form Notification of contractor and subcontractor information. 

Notification of contractor and subcontractor information

Notification of a foreign contractor or subcontractor to be filled in by a foreign contractor

The annual working time is monitored in projects that have received funding in the following RRF funding calls: RRF – 5G/6G, AI-, Quantum Development Environments, RRF – Innovation infrastructures or RRF – Key sectors and leading companies' partnership projects. Fill out the Notification of Researchers' annual working hours as an attachment to the report.

Notification of Researchers' annual working hours