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Embrace the local culture

Our experts assist in understanding the local business culture in your target market. We can provide the big picture or our local experts can help you to deep-dive into the details of operating in the target market.

Our services

Local business behaviour

We provide information on how the business in done in the country and guide you to adjust your operations and behavior according to local business culture.

  • If you are early on your journey to enter the market or are looking for general information, we have a "Doing business"guide for several countries.
  • If you are closer to market entry, we can give you more detailed information how you should adjust your approach according the local way of doing business.

Become our customer

Start-ups and SMEs that have the following can become customers of Business Finland:

  1. Finnish business ID and has genuine business activities in Finland
  2. Financial resources required for internationalization
  3. Versatile expertise and team: employs at least two persons full-time in Finland
  4. Willingness to grow on the international market
  5. Competitive edge on the international market

Complete a survey and you will find out whether Business Finland can offer services for your company. Answering questions will take 5-10 minutes.

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