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Looking for growth in international markets?

Find the most efficient path to enter new markets – or rejuvenate your growth in existing ones. We’re there to help you crystallize your export plans and validate your market selection. Our local experts help you to successfully capture the target market.

Our services

Advice for Global Growth

We help to crystallize your growth plan and advice on choosing the right actions to generate sales growth globally. Business can help:

  • to crystallize your customer focus, offering and value proposition(s)
  • to analyze your key activities and resources needed
  • to plan how to reach and retain your export customer segments efficiently
  • to prioritize and select your focus markets

Advice for Target Market

We help you to plan how to start or grow sales in a specific market:

  • If you have selected the target market – we can offer help on market validation.
  • If you have already validated the target market and you are ready for market entry – we can help to create market entry plan and actions.
  • In case you are already in the market but underperforming – we can help to analyze why and what to do.
  • Market Access programs in USA

Making business with the UN

We advice and guide how to approach, collaborate with and sell to the UN. Business Finland:

  • offers individual sparring how to approach and collaborate with the UN including advice on how to sell to the UN and make sustainable business
  • provides information and contacts to different UN entities
  • organizes UN procurement seminars and workshops in collaboration with Nordic countries and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Become our customer

Start-ups and SMEs that have the following can become customers of Business Finland:

  1. Finnish business ID and has genuine business activities in Finland
  2. Financial resources required for internationalization
  3. Versatile expertise and team: employs at least two persons full-time in Finland
  4. Willingness to grow on the international market
  5. Competitive edge on the international market

Complete a survey and you will find out whether Business Finland can offer services for your company. Answering questions will take 5-10 minutes.

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