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Looking for contacts in the target market?

Sometimes it can be as simple as finding that one right contact who can help you to open a new market. We introduce you to relevant contacts from our local expert's networks. The high-level delegations and business visits that we organize help you to open the right doors to grow your business globally.


Our services

Access to business contacts

We help you to find meaningful and valuable contacts for your market needs:

  • If you know who you need to contact, we can help in providing access to them either by us or by our local network.
  • If you don't know who are the relevant stakeholders you need to know, we can help in mapping the needed contacts.
  • We can also help you to find reliable local service providers to search for new contacts.

Group visits - Government Official led (Team Finland visit) or Business Finland Trade Mission 

We organize visits to and from Finland for groups of companies. The visits can be led by a government official (Team Finland visit) or have a pure business agenda (Business Finland Trade Mission), to open doors and connect participants to relevant networks:

  • High-level Group Visits can make a valuable contribution to your company's internationalization, sales, or product development process.
  • Establish contacts to you with local decision-makers, authorities, customers, and other potential partners
  • Increase understanding of the destination country's business environment, corporate culture, and possible legislative changes that could open new opportunities for you.

Group visits and events

Become our customer

Start-ups and SMEs that have the following can become customers of Business Finland:

  1. Finnish business ID and has genuine business activities in Finland
  2. Financial resources required for internationalization
  3. Versatile expertise and team: employs at least two persons full-time in Finland
  4. Willingness to grow on the international market
  5. Competitive edge on the international market


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