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Interested in USA, China or South-East Asia?

Join us to test the potential of your business idea in the USA and Asia with our Market Access programs. Local advisers will provide a tailor-made market entry plan for your company.

About the program

Who can apply?

An independent company, a large business unit or a subsidiary of a foreign enterprise can apply for the Market Access program. In addition, to become selected, the following is required for the company:

  • Genuine interest towards the market
  • Approximately 1 million EUR turnover (sustainable competitive edge)
  • Sufficient funding and/or positive cash flow for the following 1 to 2 years
  • Company will hire or has hired employee(s) to the market
  • Business operations based on an innovative product concept and sufficient technological expertise
  • Concept that provides a sustainable competitive edge
  • Website in English

What do we offer?

Experienced business professionals consulting your company on entering the market as part of their MBA final thesis. During a few months' intensive working period, the MBA team will provide your company with a tailor-made plan for the market entry. The focus of the project is planned together with your company. For example, the teams may work on the following topics:

  • Market analysis, and analysis on the market entry model
  • Business feasibility analysis
  • Product analysis and development strategy
  • Business plan (core areas, networking, marketing, distribution, finance plan, etc.)

Funding for companies

  1. Market Explorer funding (startups, SMEs and midcaps; purchased services and other costs) or Tempo funding (startups, SMEs and midcaps); salaries, staff overhead costs, purchased services and other costs).
  2. R&D funding: costs related to Market Access Program may be included as project costs.
  3. Young Innovative Company funding (YIC): Costs related to Market Access Programs may be included as project costs.