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A global growth market for finnish solutions in smart mobility, logistics and battery industries

The Smart Mobility and Batteries from Finland program ended on December 2022. The program helped Finnish companies to benefit from business opportunities in transport, logistics and mobility services and to create a significant Finnish battery industry.


Mobility changing fast, need for batteries growing rapidly

The size of the global mobility market is approximately EUR 6.500 billion annually (approximately EUR 30 billion in Finland). The industry is undergoing a significant reform as car and ride sharing, MaaS and the new division of the taxi market are renewing business models. The global need for batteries and battery systems will increase by more than tenfold by 2029. This is particularly due to the increased use of electric vehicles and renewable energy. The value of the European battery market has been forecasted to increase to EUR 250 billion by 2025.

Mitigating climate change, transitioning to low‑emission solutions and the need for smart solutions are reforming the global market of mobility and logistics. The aim is to achieve flexible, efficient and low-emission overall solutions for both people and goods. In terms of passenger transport, business models are renewed by, for example, car and ride sharing, MaaS and the new division of the taxi market. The strong growth of the battery industry is driven by electrification, which covers both traffic and the revolution of energy.

The Smart Mobility and Batteries from Finland program focused on three operational entities: Smart Mobility Solutions, Smart Logistics, and Batteries and Electrification.


The program services for the above-mentioned entities included innovation funding for ecosystems, internationalization services, networking services, Invest in Finland’s services and communicating research data from the field.

The internationalization services were particularly targeted for markets in Germany, France, the Nordic countries, Japan and the United States.

The aim of the program was also to support Finnish companies to connect with industrial networks in the EU with the help of EU funding.

Objectives and target groups

The Smart Mobility and Batteries from Finland program formed networks that assist integration into the European network and the global network. At the same time, the program attracted foreign investments to Finland. The goal was to increase the competence base and international competitiveness throughout the value chain.

The program was divided into the following entities

Smart Mobility Solutions:

  • Smart Mobility: MaaS, connected cars, trucks – smart vehicles, digital solutions
  • Traffic infrastructure, traffic data
  • Smart City Mobility: experiments, testbeds, innovative public procurement
  • Drones
  • E-scooters, e-bikes and new mobility innovations for citizens
  • Smart trams, e-buses

Smart Logistics:

  • Digital & autonomous smart ships, passenger vessels
  • Smart ports
  • Cargo handling
  • Marine logistics, icebreakers
  • Railway logistics
  • Industrial logistics
  • Smart working vehicles

Batteries and Electrification:

  • Battery raw materials
  • Battery materials
  • Batteries and cells
  • Applications
  • Reuse
  • Recycling

The aim of the program's themes was to create and develop ecosystems, new business operations, exports and international solutions from Finnish companies:

  1. Seamless, low-emission and resource-efficient delivery chains for people and goods
  2. The sector is renewed by mobility services that utilize and share data.
  3. Solutions that can achieve or go below the tightening emission limits as well as solutions that can reduce dependency on fossil fuels.
  4. Building a European battery value chain, and having Finland be a significant part of this development.

The program was targeted for companies, research organizations, municipalities and cities in the technology, service and manufacturing industries.


Head of Smart Mobility and Batteries from Finland

Ilkka Homanen

+358 44 577 4430
Head of Invest In, Cleantech

Markku Kivistö

+358 50 5577 968
Invest in Finland, Head of Industry

Janne Kari

+358 40 541 0580