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Call 30.10.2020

Partnership funding for companies and research organizations

  1. Study the roadmaps of the leading companies’ ecosystems.
  2. Discuss with the leading companies and Business Finland’s contact persons.
  3. Apply for funding by October 30, 2020.

More information

Neste's ecosystem

Juha Leppävuori
juha.leppavuori (at)

Kari Keskinen
kari.keskinen (at)

Janne Viemerö
janne.viemero (at) 


Nokia's  ecosystem

Jarkko Pellikka
jarkko.pellikka (at)

Reijo Smolander
reijo.smolander (at)

Kimmo Ahola
kimmo.ahola (at)


Metsä Group and Fortum's ecosystem

Katariina Kemppainen
katariina.kemppainen (at)

Heli Virkki
heli.virkki (at)

Tuomas Lehtinen
tuomas.lehtinen (at)

Helena Sarén
helena.saren (at)

Janne Viemerö
janne.viemero (at)

Call has ended!

Business Finland organized a competition where it challenged leading companies with international operations to resolve significant future challenges and increase their research, development and innovation investments in Finland. In the summer of 2020, three projects by four leading companies (Neste, Nokia, Metsä Group, Fortum) were selected as the winners. Business Finland will now provide partnership funding for research, development and innovation projects related to the themes of these leading companies' ecosystems. The funding is particularly intended for joint projects between companies and joint projects between companies and research organizations.

The aim of Business Finland's partnership funding is to increase innovation activities and the competitive advantage of Finnish companies in the international market. This is a pilot, for which Business Finland has a special funding authorization of EUR 15 million in 2020. Business Finland may also use other funding authorization for this purpose.

The application cycle for funding is constantly open. Business Finland aims to make decisions on applications received by October 30, 2020 by the end of 2020. The duration and scope of the projects will be determined by the project targets.

Joint projects may involve the leading companies, but the leading companies are not eligible for this funding. The leading companies involved do not therefore need to submit a funding application for their contribution.

For which topics is funding available?

Funding can be applied for projects that relate to the themes stated in the leading companies' ecosystem roadmaps.

Read about the roadmaps here:

For what kinds of projects is funding available?

Companies may apply for funding for

  • Co-Innovation joint actions between companies or between companies and research organizations
  • their own research and development projects

Research organizations can apply for funding for

  • Co-Innovation joint actions between the research organization and companies.
  • individual research projects. The research projects must involve international cooperation, co-funding from at least three companies, and participation in the steering group of the project in question. The funding companies may include leading companies.

Read more about Business Finland's R&D funding:

How to apply for funding?

You should discuss the project scope and implementation with Business Finland and the leading companies' contact persons (see the left side oh this page) before submitting the funding application. This is not a precondition for funding, however.

Business Finland will make the funding decisions at its discretion in accordance with the normal selection criteria.

Apply for funding in the Business Finland online services 

Enter "Kumppanuusmalli – [project name]" as the project name in the funding application.