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Call 31.7. - 5.11.2021

Eureka call for projects ”Green Hydrogen – European Infrastructure for Transporting Hydrogen”

The international Eureka network has opened a call for projects. Finnish partners in project consortia can apply for funding from Business Finland for R&D and innovation collaborations with partners from Belgium (Flanders), Canada, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain.  

More information

The Sustainable Growth Programme for Finland, RRF funding
Reijo Munther (starting 30.8.)
+358 50 5577 827
reijo.munther (at)


Development of hydrogen technologies
Tero Ijäs
+358 50 599 2620
tero.ijas (at)


Eureka collaboration
Heikki Uusi-Honko
+358 50 5577 825
heikki.uusi-honko (at)


Development of international collaborations for hydrogen economy
Markku Kivistö
+358 50 5577 968
markku.kivisto (at)

Call has ended!

As a part of their Eureka collaboration, the national innovation funding agencies in Belgium, Canada, Finland, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain have opened a call for collaborative projects that aim to address solutions for transporting and storing hydrogen. The call also broadly covers technologies and infrastructures supporting this main scope. For more information, please see the call webpages.

Read carefully the materials at the Eureka web page, and contact Business Finland

Finnish partners in project consortia may apply for funding from Business Finland. The applications must meet both the international Eureka criteria (the section Eligibility at the call webpages), and the national funding criteria of Business Finland (Funding terms and conditions - Business Finland).

All Finnish applicants need to contact Business Finland well in advance to the deadline of the call. The names of the contact persons are attached.

Funding is expected to be issued through the Sustainable Growth Programme for Finland from the The European Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF), but exceptions are possible. All project that are funded from the European Rescue and Recovery Facility need to comply with its 'do no significant harm' provisions. The contact persons at Business Finland will also give closer advice on this topic.

Deadline for applications to be filed at Eureka application portal is 5.11.2021

The international consortia needs to file their joint applications before the deadline 5.11.2021 through the Eureka application portal. Projects are expected to start simultaneously in all countries in May 2022.

The national applications for funding are expected to be filed with Business Finland first after the evaluation process of the joint international applications. The whole application process is described more in detail in the sections How to apply and Evaluation on the call webpages.


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