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Call 30.9.2021-30.1.2024

Partnership model funding call for companies and research organizations

Partnership funding for research, development, and innovation projects in leading companies' ecosystem themes.

Further information on ecosystems


Simo Säynevirta
simo.saynevirta (at)


Sini Uuttu
sini.uuttu (at)



Jari Partanen
jari.partanen (at)


Tiina Nurmi
tiina.nurmi (at)


Borealis Polymers

Jari Lehtinen
jari.lehtinen (at)


Tuomas Lehtinen
tuomas.lehtinen (at)



Laura Frisk
laura.frisk (at)


Stefan Strandberg
stefan.strandberg (at)


Tero Ijäs
tero.ijas (at)


Fortum & Metsä Group

Maiju Miettinen
maiju.miettinen (at)


Katariina Kemppainen
katariina.kemppainen (at)


Tuomas Lehtinen
tuomas.lehtinen (at)



Ulla Tikkanen
ulla.tikkanen (at)


Sakari Karppinen
sakari.karppinen (at)



Mikael Haag
partnerships (at)


Sakari Karppinen
sakari.karppinen (at)


Meyer Turku

Ilkka Rytkölä
ilkka.rytkola (at)


Riku Mäkelä
riku.makela (at)



Charlotta Risku
charlotta.risku (at)


Jarmo Raittila
jarmo.raittila (at)



Teija Laitinen
teija.laitinen (at)


Maarit Kokko
maarit.kokko (at)


Nokia 5G 

Jarkko Pellikka
jarkko.pellikka (at)

Kari Leino
kari.leino (at)


Sixten Sandström
sixten.sandstrom (at)


Nokia Edge

Jarkko Pellikka
jarkko.pellikka (at)


Sixten Sandström
sixten.sandstrom (at)



Sammeli Liikkanen
sammeli.liikkanen (at)


Outi Tuovila
outi.tuovila (at)



Jani Kivioja
jani.kivioja (at)


Jöns Tuomaranta
jons.tuomaranta (at)


Ponsse and Epec

Jukka T. Laitinen
jukka.t.laitinen (at)


Jyri Kylä-Kaila
jyri.kyla-kaila (at)


Kari Koskela
kari.koskela (at)



Miika Kaski
miika.kaski (at)

Kari Koskela
kari.koskela (at)



Christian Sundell
Christian.Sundell (at)


Timo Sorsa
timo.sorsa (at)



Janne Pynnönen
janne.pynnonen (at)


Kari Koskela
kari.koskela (at)



Kenneth Widell
kenneth.widell (at)


Tero Ijäs
tero.ijas (at)

Starting from 2020 Business Finland has challenged leading companies to solve significant future challenges and to increase their research, development and innovation (RDI) investments in Finland. Business Finland offers partnership funding for research, development, and innovation projects in leading companies' ecosystem themes.

Funding is intended in particular for joint projects between companies and joint projects between companies and research organizations. Funding may also be granted to individual companies or research organizations or to joint projects of research organizations. The partnership projects area partly financed by European Union's recovery facility. The objective of Business Finland is to increase innovation activities and the competitive advantage of Finnish companies in international markets with partnership funding.

Several calls are opened annually. The next cut-off date is January 30, 2024. And the next ones in 2024 are April 30 and August 30. 

What themes are eligible for funding?

Applications for funding may be submitted for projects relating to the subjects described in leading companies' roadmaps. Roadmaps set out leading companies’ views on the solutions, technologies and competences needed to achieve the defined missions.

See the roadmaps 

What projects are eligible for funding?

Companies can apply funding for:

  • A Co-Innovation joint project between companies or between companies and research organizations.
  • Their own research and development project.

Research organizations can apply funding for:

  • A Co-Innovation joint project between the research organization and companies.
  • An individual research project or a joint research project. Research projects require international cooperation and at least three companies must participate in the project steering group. These companies may also include leading companies.

Read more about Business Finland’s R&D funding:

How to apply for funding?

Before submitting the funding application, please discuss the content and implementation of the project with Business Finland and the contact persons of the leading companies (see the contact information). However, this is not a prerequisite for funding. Business Finland makes funding decisions according to the normal funding criteria.

Partnership model funding call instructions (pdf)

Partnership model funding call in a nutshell (pdf)

Read more on the funding for leading companies and ecosystems

If you need a version of the material based on the Accessible Directive, please contact us.