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Call 17.10.2023-31.5.2024

Business Finland program calls 2024

Business Finland is planning new program activities. To support these activities research organizations are invited to work with companies to highlight important research topics. The aim is to create new knowledge and expertise to generate significant export business.

First research call opened: Quantum Computing


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At the end of 2023 and during the spring of 2024, Business Finland will launch calls on the following themes:

  • Quantum Computing
  • Flexible Energy Structure
  • Circularizing Industrial Material Flows
  • One Health
  • Digital Resilience

The total amount of Business Finland's research funding (Co-Research funding service) is estimated to be around EUR 20 million, depending on the available funding for 2024 and the quality of the proposals in relation to the funding criteria. In addition to Co-Research projects, the call will also target Co-Innovation and company R&D projects. The normal Business Finland funding criteria will apply.

The actual calls are typically preceded by idea calls, which allows the different proposals to be considered as a whole and synergies to be identified. The first call will be the Quantum Computing call from October 17th to December 5th, 2023 and the call will close on January 16th, 2024.

Quantum Computing

The Quantum Computing call aims to generate new knowledge and expertise in the field of quantum computing software and to generate new innovations. These goals can be achieved, for example, through generative AI, the creation of services to support the use of new knowledge and expertise, and the seamless integration of traditional and hybrid quantum computing. Developing and optimizing the functioning of the hardware and software interface is also a potential research area, as we are still working with very hardware-agnostic software. Research that contributes to solving important problems of Finnish companies by means of quantum computing and aims at adapting current unsolved or industrial problems to a form suitable for quantum computing in the near future is also eligible. Read more

Flexible Energy Structure

Solutions to the new and changing needs of the energy market, such as the growing dependence on extreme weather conditions, the share of renewable energy and the electrification of society. The call for applications will be published at a later stage.

Circularizing Industrial Material Flows

Cross-sectoral use of waste and side streams in different industrial value chains and urban environments. The call for applications will be published later.

One Health

Innovative solutions to maintain health, anticipate and prevent disease, promote digitalization in healthcare processes and provide effective and personalised care. The call for applications will be published at a later stage.

Digital Resilience

Research and development to strengthen the resilience of digital society and critical infrastructure. The call for applications will be published later.