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Call 6.3.-29.9.2023

Funding call for the renewal, sustainable growth, and digitalization of creative industries

The call will end at September 29th, 2023.

Further information


Separate calls:
• Co-Research projects: aki.parviainen (at)
• Piloting and pilot projects: olli.sinerma (at)

Continuous call
• Company projects: olli.sinerma (at)
• Co-Innovation projects: aki.parviainen (at)

The aim is to increase the RDI intensity of the creative economy in the long term and to strengthen cooperation between companies and research organizations in the creative economy, thus promoting the renewal of the creative economy.

INFO SESSION on June 13, 2023 (in Finnish)

An information event for piloting and pilot projects.


Funding Call

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In particular, the funding is used to promote the following themes:

  • Success stories from creative cross-sector contents through IP expertise
    The research projects investigate research questions related to the production, brainstorming/conceiving and commercialization process of production consisting of different types of (typically digital) content. The companies’ projects investigate and develop new solutions required by the production and commercialization process and demos, which can be used to utilize creative content in other verticals (e.g., from literature to audio-visual productions and/or games).

  • Leverage effect of the creative economy in different industries
    The research projects investigate and develop new leverage opportunities brought about by creative skills and methods in order to gain a competitive advantage in established industries. In business projects, funding can be granted to companies engaged in non-traditional creative industries and acquiring creative services and know-how in order to improve their competitiveness through new operating models and RDI processes, for example.

  • New Opportunities of the CreaTech area
    The research projects look for new expertise to combine the opportunities offered by future immersive solutions with a deep customer understanding into winning business models and implementation packages for the creative economy. The companies’ projects focus on the research and development of the above-mentioned solutions, their goal-oriented testing and the development and outlining of a business-oriented roadmap.

What kinds of projects are eligible for this funding?

The implementation package consists of two separate calls and a continuous call:

Separate calls

  • Co-Research projects: Funding may be granted for research projects conducted by research organizations. One or more research organizations together can apply for funding.

    All participants must apply for funding separately to cover the costs of their own contribution. The funding level is either 60 or 70%.

  • Piloting and pilot projects:
    The approved total costs of the financed development project may not exceed 200,000 euros. The subsidy is granted for 50% of the approved costs, so its maximum amount is 100,000 euros. The funding is de minimis support.

Continuous call

  • Research-based business projects or joint projects
    The call is intended for funding new creative research related to the above themes with aid that will be targeted at independent research projects carried out by companies or Co-Innovation projects implemented together with research organizations.
    The size of the projects is not limited. The amount of the funding depends on the size of the company and can be either 40% (large companies) or 50% (SMEs). The funding level of research institutes is 70 or 80%.

How to apply for funding?

Always contact Business Finland first. Consultation before submitting your funding application will help you move forward faster.

Research company projects: olli.sinerma (at)

Piloting and pilot projects: olli.sinerma (at)

Co-Innovation or Co-Research: aki.parviainen (at)

Please attach your project plan to your application. If you do not have a ready-made project plan, you can use this project plan template as a framework: Tempo project plan help and template (docx).

Basic applicant and application information is completed in the Business Finland online service.

Application schedule

  1. The Co-Research call will begin on 3/6/2023 and end on 8/31/2023. Decisions on the projects to be funded will be made by 12/31/2023.

  2. The funding call for piloting and pilot projects will begin on 8/1/2023 and applications must be submitted by 9/29/2023. Decisions on the projects to be funded will be made by 12/31/2023.

  3. Applications from companies or companies and research organizations in the continuous call can be submitted from 3/6/2023 and must be submitted by 9/15/2023. Decisions on projects will be made as soon as possible after their submission.

Projects funded in this call through the RRF must be completed by December 2025 at the latest.



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