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Case 04.07.2018

A spray-on biofiber-based acoustic coating

Lumir’s acoustic solutions reduce reverberation. Lumir’s product is a biofiber-based spray-on coating with a wood-based binding agent.
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Marko Makkonen

+358 40 519 5990

The coating can be sprayed on a number of surfaces, such as board developed by Lumir, plaster board, or expanded clay brick. There is no need for preparation work, and the spray produces a highly even surface. The color chart offers plenty of choices.

In terms of indoor climate, the product is very safe; it doesn't mold, and it is not a source of formaldehyde or VOC emissions.

"Our competitors include the world's biggest mineral wool producers. Unlike our competitor's more rigid products, ours is suitable for any forms. It can even be sprayed on an arch or vault shape," explains Lumir CEO Marko Makkonen.

"Last year, we doubled our sales, and will do the same this year. We will also focus fully on generating international growth. We already have projects abroad where design engineering was based on Lumir's products."

The company's references include the renovation of the Finnish Parliament House, many restaurants and shopping centers, and the Tapiola underground station. Lumir's acoustics solutions are currently being installed in the Oodi central library in Helsinki.

Lumir's key clientele consists of professional builders, but easy acoustics solutions for consumers are already being developed. Some surface coating work has been carried out in large private residences.

Tekes-funded projects have involved the productization of a spray-on acoustic coating and the identification of a domestic raw material to replace cotton. The problem with cotton is its uneven quality, and the inability of the production process to fully meet the criteria of sustainable development.

Through Finpro's growth programs the company has received plenty of valuable information regarding international markets. Lumir has joined forces with other companies participating in the growth programs to develop products, and has had valuable discussions regarding business development. Growth programs have also provided training in pitching. In the PulPaper 2018 event, Lumir won the pitching contest. It was one of the 15 companies to be invited to Brussels to share its success story.

The material has surprising characteristics

"As a result of product development work, we were able to produce a mixture that kills harmful bacteria but causes no harm to people and does not weaken the acoustic properties of the products. Therefore it is an excellent indoor surface coating in places such as hospitals and daycare centers. It also enables significant reductions in the use of heavy-duty cleaning chemicals."

Text: Eero Lukin
Photo: Lumir / Metsätalo