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Case 30.08.2022

CSE Simulation: Talent Explorer funding facilitated our recruitment decision to boost international growth

Kajaani-based digital fitness games developer hired a British expert living in Finland to find new export customers and possible partnerships, resulting in promising contacts within just a few months.
CSE Simulation
  • Kajaani-based digital fitness games developer
  • CSE's games are designed to create a positive exercise experience for all users regardless of their age, gender, or possible disability.

Get to know Talent explorer -funding

CSE's games are designed to create a positive exercise experience for all users regardless of their age, gender, or possible disability. A decade in business this year, CSE's most important B2B customer groups are schools, the rehabilitation industry, sports and fitness centers, and the Family Entertainment Center (FEC) market that includes family activity areas in hotels, airports, shopping malls, and large indoor activity parks.

"Our products are sold in more than 45 countries, but until now, we have exported mainly through partners and resellers. The idea behind the Talent Explorer recruitment is that we can also sell directly to the end customer, such as a hotel or a school," explains CSE's Development Director Kaisa Ottavainen-Nurkkala.

Experienced British expert strengthens the team

One of the talents who responded to CSE's open recruitment application was Joe Griffin, a Brit who lives in the Turku region with his Finnish family. He had the hotel, tourism and real estate sector expertise that CSE needed.

"The choice was made easier because we had already met Joe earlier at an international trade fair. He has good networks and partnerships in the UK, where he worked in the real estate and hotel industry for a long time," says Ottavainen-Nurkkala.

Griffin's recruitment aptly coincided with the easing of coronavirus restrictions. After an intensive orientation period, he has already participated in an education trade fair in London, an FEC trade fair in Leeds, and the FIBO fitness trade show in Germany. CSE is participating in seven trade fairs over an intensive eight-week period.

"We've already had fantastic experiences working with Joe at the trade fairs. Most importantly, he's an excellent fit for our team. We've also done a lot of remote demos for overseas clients, with Joe at his home office and someone from the CSE office showing how the products work. It makes things easier having someone on the team who speaks native English. "

Talent Explorer project resulted from dialogue with Business Finland

Business Finland's Talent Explorer funding covers the salary costs of an expert working in Finland for up to EUR 20,000 per year. The grant is paid retrospectively, and a company can apply for it three times for different projects. CSE was advised to apply for the funding when Ottavainen-Nurkkala dealt with Business Finland in connection with another matter.

"It's well worth having an active dialogue with Business Finland, planning the company's path with your contact person, and keeping them up to date with what's going on. Talent Explorer made it easier and speeded up our recruitment decision. In addition to the Joe, we also had many other good applicants, and hopefully we can recruit more of them this year," says Ottavainen-Nurkkala.

Most Talent Explorer projects lead to permanent jobs

Talent Explorer funding shares the risk and cost of internationalization. Companies can apply for the funding at different stages of internationalization and use it for a wide range of export promotion activities.

"We have been able to create about 200 new jobs for companies seeking international growth, and at the same time, 200 companies have received skilled help with their export efforts," says Minh Lam, Service Manager, Talent Boost. “According to a survey conducted by Business Finland, more than 70% of the jobs established through Talent Explorer projects lead to permanent jobs, which clearly demonstrates the benefits of the new talent.”