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News 06.10.2021

“The Future is Made in Finland” invites top tech talent to Finland

A competence needs survey carried out by Technology Industries of Finland identified a need for foreign workers in addition to domestic recruitment and training programs. In the spring, the Finnish government declared that the number of foreign degree students must be tripled, and 75 percent should remain in Finland for work after graduation. The Future is Made in Finland campaign addresses these needs, among others.

The Future is Made in Finland campaign will start in early October to attract students to Finland who are willing to stay and work in the national technology industry after their graduation. In six virtual events, Finnish higher education institutions will present their international programs and job opportunities for graduates. Finnish companies are also involved, including ADESANTE and Mvision AI from the health industry, the quantum computer company IQM Finland, Nokia, and Supercell.

In particular, the Future is Made in Finland campaign targets the technological talent in India, Russia and South-East Asia. Marketing will also be done in Eastern Europe. In addition to students, the target group includes researchers, startup entrepreneurs, and senior specialists.

Welcome to a safe, equal and highly skilled environment

The top industries in the Finnish business and technology sectors are growing and in need of capable workers. At the same time, the world's smartest youth are considering their future education and resulting career paths. The well-known universities of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe have long been favored by both students and their parents. However, values are subject to change: a meaningful career of studies and work in a high-technology industry or in search of solutions to the world's critical problems interests young people. A safe, clean, and equal place to live is becoming increasingly important as well.

The Future is Made in Finland campaign is built around the top innovation industries of Finland. The above six virtual events will present education and career options in arctic research, climate research, health technology, digitalization, quantum technology, and startups, for example. Students can learn about their career opportunities as graduates and get to know the leading companies. The participating companies offer positions to people who are already qualified as well as trainee positions for future students. Employment after graduation is a boon to both employers and students.

Future is Made in Finland is an example of the close collaboration between higher education, companies, the Finnish National Agency for Education, the Ministry of Education and Culture, and Business Finland on the theme of Study and Work in Finland. This creates a network for building a path for students from applicant to employee. The collaboration also enables communication with a wider audience through the channels and connections of the network members.

Diverse services from the Talent Boost network

In 2020, some 5,700 foreign students started their studies in Finnish higher education institutions. An increase in that number is sought to the tune of 15,000 new students annually in the next ten years. Another objective is to have a greater number of graduates stay and work in Finland in the future. The needs of employers and talented workers can be made to match when companies, higher education institutions, and the Talent Boost network work together.

Companies in Finland can advertise their jobs for international talent in the online service and use the recruitment pages of higher education institutions to advertise trainee positions for students. Talent Explorer funding is available to companies who hire international talent, such as new graduates who work on export promotion.

Future is Made in Finland webinar series.