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Instructions on how to start a project and monitor costs

Record the costs and arrange project accounting from the very beginning of the project. The cost estimate attached to the funding decision shows the costs approved for the project. Purchase only products and services that comply with the project plan and funding terms and conditions.

How your project progresses

See the funding decision in the online service

Read the instructions on project implementation and project and cost reporting based on the funding decision and conditions.

Arrange project accounting according to the funding terms and conditions as soon as the project has started

Ensure that each cost incurred from the project is included in your organization's accounts. A project can also have imputed costs that do not need to appear in the project accounts. These are for example indirect employee costs.

Notify the changes and report the results

Submit reports and change applications in the online service.

Keep the documents

Keep your project documents and other material required for the project for at least ten years from the last payment in the project. Read more about document publicity and data requests

What funding did you receive? See the detailed instructions


You can find contact persons in the online service

  • If you have questions about project implementation, please contact the financial expert appointed for your project.
  • If you have questions about project accounting and cost monitoring, please contact the financial auditor appointed for your project.
  • If you have other questions about the project, please contact the funding coordinator appointed for your project.


  • When a company receives public funding that covers more than 50% of the total project costs, the company must comply with the Act on Public Contracts (Act on Public Procurement) with respect to purchased services. Public actors must comply with the Act on Public Contracts at all times. Read more about the Act on Public Contracts.
  • As a rule, procurements and work ordered after the funding application was submitted may be approved for the project. However, if a procurement included in the project has been ordered before submitting the funding application, the relevant order or agreement must show that it can be canceled if Business Finland does not grant funding for the project. If there is no such cancellation clause, then such a procurement will not constitute an acceptable cost.

Project supervision

  • In accordance with the Act on Public Contracts, Business Finland has the right to audit the finances and operations of the beneficiary as required for the payment of the funding and supervision of its use.
  • The beneficiary must provide the auditors free of charge with all information and reports, documentation, recordings and other material necessary for conducting the inspection, as well as assist in the inspection in other ways. In addition to a Business Finland representative, the audit may involve an external auditor.
  • In addition to regular project monitoring activities, Business Finland conducts cost audits during the project. In addition, some projects will be subject to a follow-up audit. The purpose of all monitoring and audits is to ensure that the work corresponding to the costs reported to Business Finland during the duration of the project has actually been performed and in accordance with the funding terms and conditions. The audits are conducted by Business Finland's experts and, if necessary, by an authorized auditor.
  • Any violation of the project plan and the funding terms and conditions found leads to a partial or full retrieval of the funding paid.