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What's new in the online service?

  • You can now submit project change requests via the online service. The online service change request is sufficient for most types of changes. Read more from the page Changes to the project and the news article published on 27 February 2018.

  • We have updated the user management for the online service. If you use an SMS authentication to log in to the service, you must update your password. 
  • Please note that if you wish to log in as a main user to manage access rights, login is now possible only via identification.

Logging into the Online Service

Log in to the Business Finland Online Service using identification. is an identification service for public administration customers that requires an identification method such as banking ID, mobile certificate or citizen certificate. identification retrieves the required credentials from the Business Information System (YTJ) and Trade Register. The front page of the Online Service shows the organisations in which you have any of the following roles: Managing Director, Deputy Managing Director and authorised signatory.

You will receive an email notification when a new document arrives in the Online Service. The notification is sent to the accountable project leader, to the contact person for the project, to the contact person for cost statements, and to the organisation's official email address.

Before applying funding

  • Contact us. Fill in the form Find the right Team Finland service for your need or discuss your plans with a Business Finland adviser. You can read the application questions beforehand from the funding application instructions.
  • Check your contact details. It is essential that your contact details and in particular your email address are up to date once you start to fill in the application. Check and update your contact details from the personal data management.
  • Business ID. Please note that new companies without a business ID cannot submit or supplement applications via the Online Service. We therefore recommend that you submit the application only after the company has received a business ID.

Publicity of application information

We process all information related to the project with strict confidentiality. However, it should be noted that after the submission of the funding application, the name of the applicant, the amount of applied funding and the reference number of the application will be in the public domain. The name of the applicant and the funding being applied will be public even if the funding application is rejected. 

Accepting the funding decision in the Online Service 

Funding by Business Finland may not begin before you have accepted the decision and its related funding terms and conditions in the Online Service. You can view information on funding decisions awaiting acceptance on the front page of the Online Service under section “Issues awaiting action”. If the decision involves special terms and conditions, the decision and its terms and conditions will be available for acceptance in the Online Service once the special terms and conditions in question are met.

The decision may only be accepted by a person that is an authorised signatory of the organisation.

Instructions for companies

Acceptance is possible via the Online Service if you are the Managing Director, Deputy Managing Director or authorised signatory of the company. The identification service will check these roles and authority of signature from the Trade Register when you login to the Online Service.

If a person named as an authorised signatory in the Trade Register also holds another role in the company, the funding decision is accepted using template Y1 (docx). This template is also used in the event that the company name is signed simultaneously by two persons. Submit the template via secured email to the Business Finland record office.

If there are deficiencies in the Trade Register information of your company, these can be corrected by contacting the Finnish Patent and Registration Office.

Instructions for research organisations, cities and municipalities

We kindly request that research organisations, universities, universities of applied sciences, municipalities and cities report to the Business Finland record office (kirjaamo(at) information on persons who are authorised signatories of the organisation or hold the right to accept the decision on behalf of the beneficiary based on rules of procedure or other grounds. 


Login to Business Finland online services via identification. You can use for example your bank account login.

Edit your personal information

Updated information guarantees smooth service.

Advice for reporting and technicalities of online services

Monday-Friday 8.30–15.00. +358 (0)29 50 55051 Please ask for advice for cost statements directly from your Business Finland contact person.

Reporting and changes to the project

Several people can submit reports and cost statements through the Online Service, but not at the same time. The reports and cost statements of projects related to the company can only be submitted by the accountable project leader. The project change request may be submitted by the accountable project leader or by an authorised signatory for the organisation. 

Updating project contact details

You can update information on the ‘Contact persons’ tab in the project folder in the Online Service. Contact details may also be changed by calling the Online Service hotline at +358 (0)29 505 5051 Mon-Fri 8:30 am - 3:00 pm).

Adding an online service user to a project

The main user of the project or organisation may grant access rights to add new registered users in the Online Service to the project. 

Templates are used for cost statements only in special cases

If the person submitting the cost statement is not the beneficiary (associate companies' cost statements) or if a single funding decision has been made for several organisations, the cost statement must be submitted on an excel template:

Joint projects: The coordinator of a joint project reports its progress through our Online Service, but each party uses templates to submit cost statements. After each party has completed their templates, the coordinator includes these files in his/her cost statement as annexes.

Associated companies and group companies: Associated companies and group companies declare their costs using a cost statement template.

Editing cost statements: Once a cost statement has been entered and sent through the Online Service, it can no longer be edited there. If you wish to edit your cost statement, fill in a cost statement template. If you have been requested to provide further information, you may submit it via secure email connection. Remember to include the reference number of your project in the message, in order to link the documents to your project.

Supported browsers

The Online Service supports the following browsers:

  • Firefox (latest versions)
  • Google Chrome (latest versions)
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge

Testing and beta versions of browsers are not supported. The functionality of the service is not guaranteed on browsers not listed above. As the user, you are responsible for the data security of your device. Be sure to keep your browser updated as recommended by its provider.


Login to Business Finland online services via identification. You can use for example your bank account login.

Edit your personal information

Updated information guarantees smooth service.