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Towards a low-carbon energy system through energy efficiency

Energy aid may be granted to projects that promote new technology, its commercial utilization, and the regulation capacity of the power system, as well as energy savings through energy efficiency.

Priority is given to well-prepared projects involving new technology that cost-effectively contribute to the goals of the energy aid program and are not estimated to have significant adverse environmental impacts.

New technology refers to new types of commercial solutions that have not been extensively tested in Finland. Typically, this is the first or among the first demonstration plants of its kind. The adoption of new technology entails extra costs or risks compared to a corresponding project implemented using conventional technology.

Energy aid applications submitted in 2023 still pending are subject to the 2024 guidelines.

Recent news

  • When submitting new applications, you should take a look at the energy aid guidelines for 2024, as they contain significant changes compared to the previous guidelines due to significantly tightening the eligibility criteria for the aid. In the future, the project plan required as an appendix to the application should include an equipment specification and a cost breakdown for the investment.
  • The criteria for energy aid reporting and cost statements were revised on October 4, 2023. The new mandatory appendix related to investment projects is a copy of a binding order/contract. In other words, you must append this document to the report in order to verify the order date. Information about insuring the investment is also mandatory!
  • A prerequisite for the payment of the granted aid is that the beneficiary of the energy aid submits the final report and its appendices within the agreed reporting period!
  • The In-depth study pilot was continued from the end of 2022 so that In-depth study pilot applications may be submitted until May 31, 2024. The in-depth studies must be completed at the latest on September 30, 2024, after which you will have 4 months to submit the cost statement and final report.
    The continuation of the in-depth study aid (it could be made permanent) will be announced during the spring of 2024.
  • Electrification aid for energy-intensive industries may be granted by the Energy Authority. The aid has specific application periods. For more detailed information, see the website of the Energy Authority: Electrification aid for industries | Energy Authority.

Energy aid

Energy aid may be granted for the investment and investigation audit projects of companies and organizations that promote energy savings or more efficient production or utilization of energy or otherwise contribute to a low-carbon energy system. In renewable energy projects, the aid may be only granted for new technology. The aid must have a significant impact on launching the project.

The energy aid is paid based on the actual costs reported by the organization. The investment costs of the project must be at least EUR 10,000 (energy efficiency) or EUR 30,000 (renewable energy, new technology) but they must not exceed EUR 5,000,000. The funding is provided as aid; you do not have to repay it. Aid is not granted for projects launched before the aid decision is made. The aid may be granted to cover costs arising as of the date of the funding decision at the earliest.

What is required of your organization?
  • A project related to energy savings or energy auditing that has not yet been launched.
  • Your organization can be of any size.
  • Your organization is a community or company that is not a farm, is not active within the framework of fisheries or aquaculture products or primary production, is not a housing company or residential property, and the property does not have facilities used for residential purposes.
  • Your operations are not funded from the state budget.

See instructions for applying for funding

How does Business Finland funding work?

Before you apply

Plan a project and define its goals. Ensure the sufficiency of self-financing.

Apply for funding

Submit your application through online services. Submit the additional information requested.

Approve the funding decision

Business Finland will assess your application and notify you of its decision. Read the decision and its terms and conditions, and approve the decision in online services.

Use the funding

Arrange project accounting. Notify Business Finland of any changes.

Report your project

Report your project's implementation and costs. Attach the additional information requested with your report.