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Focused efforts to promote exports in the manufacturing industry

Finnish companies must maintain their ability to operate even during and after crises. Business Finland takes measures to support the manufacturing industry by creating shared offerings, identifying new markets and customers groups as well as by implementing targeted activities to promote exports in 2020 and 2021.

As a result of the corona pandemic, new orders from manufacturing companies have started to decline and delivery times have lengthened. The Government granted Business Finland one million euros in the supplementary budget of June 2020 to support the acquisition of new customers in the manufacturing industry – the money will be channeled through five specific entities.

The measures, which are now being launched, will support the manufacturing industry by building joint offering, identifying new markets and customer groups, and implementing targeted export promotion activities. The goal is to help secure the operating capacity of companies and industrial jobs in Finland. Strong export-oriented measures aim for fast results.

Industrial production

Machines and equipment, electronics, photonics, industrial digitalisation

The objective is to aid Finnish companies in the manufacturing industry that have been hit hard by COVID 19 with the purpose of finding new customers abroad to replace the sudden drop in domestic demand. In the long term, the objective is a wider and internationally diversified customer network that helps companies improve their business operational resistance.


  • Forming shared offerings to promote exports: surveying target companies, identifying and engaging competitive companies and forming shared offerings
  • Organising activities in the target markets: target markets and their selection, selecting/tendering partners and planning operating methods

Make your company resilient

For further information, please contact:
Toni Mattila, toni.mattila (at), tel. +358 40 500 9909


The objective is to expand and accelerate the shared offering and exports of health technology and the marine industry in collaboration with the sector's most important public and private actors.


  • Restoring passengers' trust in the safety of cruises: international webinars and workshops, Market Opportunities publications
  • Creating a Finnish offering, Safe and Clean Ships and Ports. Launching Finnish expertise in the global markets under a Health at Sea theme.
  • Innovation ecosystem of Finnish top research and companies: Marine X Health
  • Introducing health technology to the marine industry
  • Opening new markets in international purchasing events and with shipping companies

For further information, please contact:
Ulla Lainio, ulla.lainio (at), tel. +358 40 343 3357 /
Katja Eriksen, katja.eriksen (at), tel. +47 402 84 887

Bio-based solutions

The objective is to help ecological textile companies and bio-based packaging companies find new customers abroad and to enable the creation of pilot initiatives. In the long term, a wider, already implemented pilot and an internationally diversified customer network will help companies improve their business operational flexibility even in the future.


  • Forming and packaging shared offerings for the purpose of promoting exports
  • Activities on the target markets: events, market surveys

For further information, please contact:
Marika Ollaranta, marika.ollaranta (at), tel. +358 50 480 4611

Battery industry

The objective is to take Finnish companies in various focused assemblies to targeted markets where they can find concrete sales and collaboration opportunities.


  • Network survey: The existing business network and Finnish companies with the ability to carry out exports and join the initiative and create growth (mobile machinery, technologies and services related to their electrification)
  • Shared messages and offerings
  • High-quality and consistent materials
  • Consult work at target markets: Germany, France, Eastern Europe, the Nordic countries, Asia

For further information, please contact:
Ilkka Homanen, ilkka.homanen (at), tel. +358 44 577 4430

Health technology

The objective is to promote the business capabilities of health technology and, in particular, diagnostics companies in the manufacturing industry and to survey and accelerate the creation of new partnerships and customerships as well as new markets and business models. The competitiveness of the health technology-related business ecosystem is simultaneously strengthened through cross-industry collaboration.


  • Surveying companies' current situation: impact of COVID 19 on operations and, in particular, on subcontracting chains as well as the most significant obstacles experienced by exports
  • Identification of new customers, markets and business models, especially in new significant cross-industry fields
  • Identifying a potential group of actors and promoting collaboration: e.g. shared offerings, international operations, preparing for global crises

For further information, please contact:
Kari Klossner, kari.klossner (at), tel. +358 40 071 7298
Terhi Rasmussen, terhi.rasmussen (at), tel. +45 205 498 94