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Talent Boost 

Growth with international experts

Hiring the first international experts is often a big step for the company. In many areas, specialists can be found abroad or in universities in Finland. Companies with a wide range of expertise succeed in the international market. Innovative startup companies founded by foreigners are welcome to grow their businesses in Finland.

Talent Boost

What is Talent Boost?

Talent Boost provides companies with networks to find international experts and a financial incentive to recruit the first international experts. The company's culture and know-how will develop through international experts who accelerate growth in export markets.

For whom is it for?

Finnish companies looking to hire international experts and professionals in Finland.

How to participate?

By utilizing Talent Boost's campaigns, events and networks and taking advantage of the TalentExplorer funding.

Contact us

Head of Talent Boost Finland
Ulla Hiekkanen-Mäkelä
+358 50 5577 706
Project Manager
Katri Raevuori
+358 50 537 6191
Talent Boost Coordinator
Regina Ainla
+358 40 939 1654