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Talent Boost 

Find international talent to fuel the international growth of your company. We offer funding and networks that can help in the recruitment of international talent.

Growth with international experts

Hiring the first international experts is often a big step for the company. In many areas, specialists can be found abroad or in universities in Finland. Companies with a wide range of expertise succeed in the international market. Innovative startup companies founded by foreigners are welcome to grow their businesses in Finland.

Talent Boost Finland

Talent Boost makes Finland attractive for international experts and startup entrepreneurs.

Talent Boost is a program that boosts Finland's attractiveness as a lucrative and innovative country for talents and businesses. The program unites the companies with relevant people by offering events, materials and funding as well as actively coordinating stakeholder resources for the benefit of creating mutual services.

The program is also tightly connected to the developer, startup and other professional events where Finland and Finnish companies gain visibility.

In brief

  • Supports companies' internationalization by supporting the recruitment of international experts
  • Provides platforms in the form of networking events, recruitment campaigns and funding (see Talent Explorer funding)
  • 2019 target destinations are South Korea, India and Russia as well as some other Eastern European countries.
  • Open for companies operating in Finland and students and professionals in Finland and abroad
  • Operates in connection to other growth programs such as Work in Finland and Startup Kit.
The 2020 target destinations are India, South Korea, Russia and Eastern Europe.

Target groups

Aiming to unite the best talents with the right companies, Talent Boost is as much intended for companies as it is for the rising international talent. Whether it is foreign experts already living in Finland with their spouses or young talents freshly graduated from the university, international growth requires international knowhow.

Talent Boost is intended for companies, graduated students and foreign experts already living in Finland.

More than 3,000 foreign students graduate annually from Finnish universities. These people have professional knowledge and experience in the Finnish culture and lifestyle as well as their own language, culture and networks – something that is very valuable for international companies with a Finnish base.

How it works

The Talent Boost program provides several tools and services for companies and professionals. Companies can benefit from meeting people in industry events or funding. Professionals, in turn, can reach out for our services for job seeking and networking.

Business Finland is also actively participating in the public discussion to generate awareness about Finland as an interesting and attractive country for international professionals and students.

All the recruitment campaigns and events are carried out in close collaboration with major cities and the EURES network. The advantage of Talent Boost network is that the opportunities provided by the place of residence are seamlessly included in the recruitment communications.

Business Finland actively generates awareness about Finland as an interesting and attractive country for international professionals and students.

Contact us

Head of Talent Boost Finland
Joonas Halla
+358 50 346 5256
Project Manager
Katri Raevuori
+358 50 537 6191
Talent Boost Coordinator
Regina Ainla
+358 40 939 1654
Senior advisor, start-up companies
Annamari Soikkeli
+358 50 557 7957