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Call 2.6.2021-30.3.2022

Challenge competition for leading companies

The aim is to challenge global leading companies to solve major future challenges, to increase their RDI investments significantly, create new jobs and build new high-value business ecosystems in Finland.

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Karin Wikman
Chief Advisor
Business Finland
karin.wikman (at)
+358 50 5577 723

Call has ended!

The competition for 2021 is over. Business Finland is prepared to launch next challenge competition for leading companies during 2022.

Business Finland launched a new challenge competition for leading companies on June 2nd 2021.

The maximum available funding per leading company is EUR 20 million. In addition, Business Finland can provide funding up to EUR 50 million to the leading company's partners during a period of five years.

The challenge competition will consist of two rounds. Cut-off date for the first round proposals was September 1st 2021. The companies participating in the challenge competition were invited to present their project proposals to the jury in September 2021. The companies that were invited to further negotiations were also be selected in September 2021. More detailed negotiation rounds with the selected companies took place in October and November 2021. Part of the final funding decisions were made in December 2021. Rest of the funding decisions will be made by March 30th, 2022.

Call: Instructions and forms (docx)

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