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Reform services and operations

Innovative public procurement funding is intended for contracting entities referred to in the Act on Public Procurement and Concession Contracts such as municipalities, agencies and other publicly owned operators subject to the Procurement Act. The funding strives to develop innovative solutions to reform services and operations.

Innovative public procurement

In Finland, the public sector spends approximately EUR 47 billion on procurements annually. Meeting the changing requirements of the coming decades requires unprejudiced development of solutions and operating models. By taking advantage of innovations, the public sector can provide better services to citizens at a lower cost. Thus, suppliers of services and products must also be required to innovate more. At its best, the public sector can contribute to the creation of new markets by supporting innovations by providing a development environment and acting as the first buyer of the solution.

Through innovative public procurement, your goal may be to add value, for example with:

  • lower life-cycle costs
  • better quality
  • renewed and more efficient production processes
  • environmental friendliness
  • other development work with resources freed due to implementation of digital solutions

We award grants up to 50% of the total costs of the project. We pay the funding retrospectively on the basis of project reporting and expense reports.

What is required of your organization?
  • Your organization is a public procurement entity in accordance with the Public Procurement Act and Public Procurement Act for Special fields.
  • Your innovative market opening procurement is of such size that it will affect the development of the industry at least nationally.
  • Your organization is ready to commit to the development of innovative procurement.

See instructions for applying for funding

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How does Business Finland funding work?

Before you apply

Plan a project and define its goals. Ensure the sufficiency of self-financing.

Apply for funding

Submit your application through online services. Submit the additional information requested.

Approve the funding decision

Business Finland will assess your application and notify you of its decision. Read the decision and its terms and conditions, and approve the decision in online services.

Use the funding

Arrange project accounting. Notify Business Finland of any changes.

Report your project

Report your project's implementation and costs. Attach the additional information requested with your report.