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Solutions for global development challenges

Developing Markets Platform helps Finnish companies and their partners develop sustainable business and access global funding in developing markets.

About us

Developing markets throughout Africa and Asia continue to grow much faster than traditional markets. Development banks and the United Nations (UN) invest huge sums of money in sustainable and scalable solutions for these markets. Finland has the technology, skills and credibility to deliver such solutions.

The Developing Markets Platform combines Business Finland services with those of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Finnpartnership and other key partners. We help Finnish companies and their partners access African and Asian growth markets in ways that are compatible with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We offer information, advice, contacts and innovation funding for developing markets.

Innovation funding

When to apply for funding? When your organization has identified

  • a market opportunity in developing markets
  • local partners
  • a possibility to develop a new solution or business model that also addresses UN Sustainable Development Goals and local needs

Funding with a local partners

  • additional grant for co-creation with local partners
  • regular Business Finland funding for Finnish organizations: company grant or loan

Business Finland can also fund Finnish NGOs together with Finnpartnership. Have a look at the funding model here.

If you want to apply for funding, contact us before applying. Funding applications should be complemented with information about the local development impacts. We help you in recognizing development impacts and potential risks.

International Financial Institutions

IFIs account for some 150 billion USD of annual financial flows towards developing markets. We support Finnish companies with advice, coaching and networking towards procurement and investment opportunities provided by IFIs such as the World Bank Group, regional development banks and the EU. Have a look at the International Financial Institutions.

UN Procurement, humanitarian crisis relief and recovery

Each year, the United Nations procures products and services for 20 billion dollars. These procurements need to be in line with sustainable development goals. Visit UN's procurement portal (United Nations Global Marketplace). More Business Finland helps Finnish organizations to take part in the procurements by offering:

  • UN information and right contacts for the customers
  • joint events in collaboration with the UN and the other Nordic countries
  • advice on how to sell to the UN and how to align sustainable business with SDGs

Humanitarian crisis relief and recovery work at Developing Markets Platform is related to new initiatives, where focus is put on specific business areas to help underserved and fragile target groups in specific developing markets. 

Target groups

Our customers are companies and their partners, including research organizations. Our customers typically offer bio and circular economy, cleantech, wellbeing and digital solutions for markets needs and development challenges.

Target countries

Primary target markets

  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • India
  • Vietnam
  • Indonesia
  • Jordan

Other target markets

  • Developing markets eligible for development aid assistance.

Join in

If your company is still looking for the right target market or you need help in implementing sustainable development goals in your business model, you can participate in Finnpartnership's and Business Finland's Application Workshops.

Contact us

Innovation funding

Kiira Kärkkäinen

+358 50 520 6171
International Financial Institutions

Grace Wang

+358 50 342 4740
The UN, Humanitarian crisis relief and recovery

Marjukka Holopainen-Rainio

+358 50 571 0038
The UN procurements, liaison with UN City in Copenhagen

Philip Bank

+45 2054 9892