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Global growth from entertainment business

The Entertainment Finland program supports Finnish game, music and audiovisual companies to develop new business and grow global.


Media and entertainment together form a fast-growing global industry of EUR 2.000 billion. Finland's game industry is one of the greatest success stories of the 2000's with companies like Supercell, Remedy, Seriously and Colossal Order. Could the same recipe be applied to other entertainment industries too?

The Entertainment Finland program aims to accelerate the global growth of the Finnish entertainment industry and make it an international success story. The program runs from 2019 to 2022.

Targeted at entertainment growth companies

Entertainment Finland program is aimed at growth-seeking Finnish entertainment companies that:

  • aim for significant international business
  • develop innovative contents and services for global market
  • build their competitive edge on digital technologies

Target groups:

  • Game companies
  • Music companies
  • Audiovisual companies
  • Entertainment brands, platforms and contents
  • Event businesses
  • Other business models benefiting from entertainment solutions


  • Finland to be a true global entertainment exporter
  • Double the industry export
  • Increase the number of companies with turnover +10 MEUR
  • Global success brands from Finland
  • Increase foreign investments
  • Companies move towards scalable global business
  • Strengthening and reinventing the value chain of the Finnish entertainment industry
  • Renewal of production and distribution ecosystems e.g. eSports


Coaching and peer-to-peer learning

  • Growth, exports, business models, finance, R&D


  • Events, advice, contacts, global networks, market opportunities

Funding examples

  • Explorer: exhibitions, market studies, hire a professional
  • Tempo: test business concept, prepare for global growth, get feedback
  • R&D & Innovation: new scalable products, services and concepts

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Does your service, business or innovation fit our target? Please contact us and let's talk more.


Senior Advisor

Olli Sinerma

+358 45 2774 787